Chief Executive Officer's Welcome

Following the retirement of the Trust’s founder CEO and Chair in 2019, I was appointed CEO of Endeavour Academy Trust. Our Chair, Anabel Sexton, was appointed in 2020 and together we are delighted to be entrusted with guiding the Trust through its next phase of development.

Our Trust’s vision is:

Together we can achieve successful, sustainable schools; driven by an embedded culture of collaborative learning and a collective responsibility to deliver outstanding outcomes for all.

Our mission is to become the Schools of Choice, Employer of Choice and Partner of Choice. In each of our values, the words ‘we listen’ is the starting point and is fundamental to our belief in the transformational power of collaborative working with our children, parents, staff and local community. We believe that together we will achieve our ambitious mission. 

As Schools of Choice, we will achieve a reputation for excellence where every child achieves their potential and each academy is a first preference school in the local area. We will strive to develop meaningful partnerships with our local community organisations to fully support our children and families. Our schools will always retain their own identity and be shaped by their communities; the Trust provides the collaborative and supportive structures to ensure that our schools can be the best they can be.

As an Employer of Choice, we will achieve a reputation for valuing our staff and for a culture based on collaboration as the key driver of improvement with a focus on promoting values-based leadership. Through this, we will achieve a reputation for attracting, developing and retaining the best staff.

As a partner of choice, we will achieve reputation for delivery excellence in primary education. We will build productive and mutually beneficial relationships with local & regional education partners; education research organisations and regulatory bodies to contribute to improving the education system for all children.

I’m so excited to be leading the Trust on this next phase of its journey. If you have any questions about our Trust or simply want to say hello, then please email


Shirley Mustoe


Chief Executive Officer

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