Strategic Development Plan 2021 – 2024

The Endeavour Academy Trust’s Strategic Development plan sets out the strategic direction of the Trust from 2021 through to 2024. This strategy will underpin our decision-making in order to meet the key aims of the Trust over the next 3 years.

This is my first strategic plan for our Trust. Since my appointment in Spring 2019, my focus has been on getting to know the Trust inside and out and leading the Trust in agreeing and establishing our vision, mission and values with all stakeholders, ready for this, our next phase of development.

In this time, we have also achieved many goals … we have reviewed and re-designed our entire curriculum offer; established our School Improvement Offer; developed new Trust wide teams to develop our practice in both education and non-education areas and reviewed our policy and practice in key areas including supporting children with special educational needs and supporting children to learn positive behaviour and social interaction strategies.  We have appointed an entirely new Board of Trustees with a new committee structure to support our schools and staff in achieving our mission. We have revisited and defined the Governance roles with a clear scheme of delegation. We have created centralised business functions to achieve economies of scale and ensure that resource is used efficiently and effectively.

We have achieved almost all of this during the COVID-19 pandemic and so the context for this plan must be recognised as complex and ever changing. Our focus in 2020/21 was inevitably on ‘Recovery’ recognising and responding to the severity of the impact of the pandemic on our children and their communities. However, with the launch of our Strategic Plan, we are looking forward to the future. This is an exciting time for the Trust; one of challenge and change in order to achieve our mission to become the Schools of choice; Employer of Choice and Partner of Choice.


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