Strategic Plan

Our Vision DiagramThrough a strong, collaborative approach we can:

  • Secure outstanding achievement for all children in our schools, meeting their individual needs and finding creative ways to help them succeed.
  • Help children to form safe and compassionate relationships, develop positive values and understand how to make a worthwhile contribution to their communities.
  • Build an outstanding workforce, recruiting the best and providing opportunities to grow and develop within the trust.
  • Forge strong links within our own communities and across the wider community of the trust. Create outstanding, high quality environments which inspire learning and instil a sense of pride in our schools.
  • Sustain strong and confident leadership and governance across all levels of the organisation.
  • Maintain the highest possible standards of financial and organisational management, driven by far reaching ambition for our pupils.
  • Achieve measured and successful growth with the sponsorship of two additional schools.


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